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Blueberry 'Top Hat (Dwarf)


Blueberries have become one of the most fashionable fruit to grow. High in vitamin C, they are great for eating fresh or for culinary purposes for quince or jam. A compact shrub, ideal for the patio. Masses of blueberries produced in July/August. Adult height of only 50cm. 9cm pot grown plants supplied.Even if your garden or yard is running out of room, you can still enjoy this delicious blueberry, since Tophat Dwarf grows only 1.5' tall! These little beauties have a lovely compact, mounded shape that is loaded with white blossoms in the spring and red foliage in the fall.


Find a home for Tophat in acidic, moist, organic, well-drained soil with access to full sunlight. No pollinator needed.