Lady's Bedstraw | Galium verum | Wildflower

Lady's Bedstraw | Galium verum | Wildflower


The Lady's Bedstraw plant has slender hairy stems with clusters of frothy, fragrant, yellow flowers. It is common in dry, well-drained grassland across the UK and Ireland, including banks, sand dunes, shingle beaches and in churchyards. Lady's Bedstraw plants attract a wide range of butterflies and is a food plant of the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth.


Height: 20-40cm


Flowering time: May to September


This plant it is highly tolerant of cutting, but is normally managed with either a spring or autumn cut. Fairly drought resistant, its root system is good at seeking out water. Lady's Bedstraw plants prefers dry or moist soils that are neutral or slightly alkaline.